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    Currently BAM/PFA is offering RSS feeds for:

    Art Exhibitions & L@TE Events RSS
    Film Programs RSS
    Audio & Videocasts RSS

    What is RSS?

    RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It allows you to "subscribe" to portions of our website, called feeds, keeping you up-to-date with the latest exhibitions and film programs at BAM/PFA.

    How do I subscribe to an RSS feed?

    Many newer browsers allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds. In the browser's address bar, you will see a small icon indicating that the page can be subscribed to. In Firefox, the 'Live Bookmark' icon is an orange square with two lines that look like radio waves. In other browsers, you may see the letters RSS or XML at the right of the address bar.

    To subscribe, click the RSS icon in the address bar and use the resulting dialog box to bookmark the feed page. You can then go to this bookmark to view a list of links to new content on our site.

    You can also use a piece of software called a news reader or aggregator to subscribe to and display RSS feeds. There are many desktop and browser-based news readers available. See a list of available software here.

    What is podcasting?

    Podcasting is a form of RSS that embeds an MP3 audio file or MP4 video file in the subscribed feed.

    Do I need an iPod to play podcasts?

    You don't need Apple's iPod to play podcasts; they play right on your Mac or PC, and also on a variety of portable media players.

    How do I play a podcast?

    Many users choose to use either iTunes or Miro as their podcast aggregator (software that compiles and plays podcasts). Both are free and simple to use on both Mac and PC platforms.

    If you're using iTunes, wherever you see a podcast icon or link, you can listen or subscribe to that podcast feed via the iTunes interface. If you're using another podcast player, you can paste the URL of the podcast RSS feed into "Add Channel" or "Subscribe to Podcast" in your preferred player.

    Alternatively, you can click this type of link which will allow you to listen to podcasts right in your browser.