Drawn by the Brush: Oil Sketches by Peter Paul Rubens
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Myth and Majesty: The Humanistic Tradition
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Peter Paul Rubens
Aurora and Cephalus, 1636
Oil on panel, 30.8 x 48.5 cm
The National Gallery, London, no. NG2598

Catalog Entry by Peter C. Sutton

Having descended from her chariot drawn by two rearing white horses, Aurora, the goddess of the dawn rushes in from the left reaching toward the youth Cephalus, who, extending his right arm toward her, is seated in profile holding a spear with sleeping dogs beneath a tree. She is clad in reddish ocher drapery with yellow highlights, and Cephalus has a red tunic and ocher drapery. While the landscape is treated in muted browns, the morning sky is bright with blue-gray, purple, and pink hues...

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