A Self-Guided Tour for Young People and Their Families: Page 2

The New Child: British Art and the Origins of Modern Childhood
An exhibition at the University Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley
August 23 - November 19, 1995

Artist: Johann Zoffany
Title: The Blunt Children
Date: 1768-1770
Lender: Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery (U.K.)

Meet the Blunt children, the sons of wealthy land owners who lived in the English countryside. This painting depicts the sons of a very rich landowner. When these boys grow up, they will own all the land you can see in the background, and they'll have many servants to work in the hayfields for them. We know that they're boys because the ribbons around their waists are blue, usually the traditional color for boys (pink is usually the traditional color for girls).

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