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Anne Walsh and Chris Kubick

Conversing, Considering, Condensing, Conjuring: 7 Years of Collaboration

April 5, 2010; 74 Minutes; Video

Concatenating, Condensing, Conflating, Confounding, Considering, Contaminating, Contemplating, Conversing, and Conjuring: these are some of the means and ways we employ in our art work. Often, but not always, these technologies employ language, pictures, and sound. Computers are sometimes involved. So are cameras, psychics, magicians, librarians, film sound effects designers and balloon sculptors. Our art practice begins from a shared love of the spoken word, the recorded human voice, unreliable witnesses, true believers, eccentric craftspeople, libraries and museums of all kinds. We are interested in translation, particularly the questions which arise when different systems of knowing and understanding collide. These collisions are the substance and subject of our work. In our lecture, we present examples from three projects created over the past 7 years: Art After Death, The Sound Library, and (the new project which is as yet untitled but which could be called History Lessons).