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Leo Villareal

Complex Simplicity: Investigating the Medium of Light

March 15, 2010; 51 Minutes; Video

Leo Villareal discusses the unique journey that has taken him from a childhood in West Texas, to frankenstinean experiments in the industrial wastelands of late 80's New Haven, to work in virtual reality at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. A summer internship at Interval Research in Palo Alto in 1994 brought Villareal to the west coast and introduced him to pioneers in the fields of technology and art. Experiences in the Black Rock Desert shifted his practice completely, revealing to the artist the power and potency of small amounts of information and introducing him to his primary medium, sequenced light. Villareal continues to bring the inanimate to life and find beauty in simple things.

In this talk, Villareal questions the constant race for more megapixels and higher resolution we find ourselves in, asking: Is more better? What strategies can be used to repurpose media technologies? What happens when you add computation to minimalism and abstraction?