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Ben Rubin, Artist, Ear Studio, New York

What’s That Ticking Sound?

November 2, 2009; 73 Minutes; Video

Long-established forms of writing (and reading) are being radically transformed. The economics of transmission and distribution that have constrained and shaped journalism, fiction, and letters home from camp are being rescaled and inverted, recasting the role of text in our lives. Ben Rubin’s work inserts itself between authors and readers, obsessively pulverizing and re-synthesizing all manner of texts (Internet chat, The New York Times, novels, application source code, cosmic background noise, Shakespeare) to form new messages. Rubin presents current and recent projects, including Shakespeare Machine, Moveable Type, Listening Post, Dark Source, Terre Natale, and San José Semaphore. He also presents his latest project, a theatrical performance in collaboration with statistician Mark Hansen and Elevator Repair Service, a New York theater company.