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Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Artists, NYC

I’ll Replace You: Outsourcing Everyday Life

April 13, 2009; 59 Minutes; Video

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s multimedia artworks examine the genres and conventions of filmmaking, memory, and language. They are well known for constructing subjective databases of existing material and making fragmentary miniature film sets with lights, video cameras, and moving sculptural elements to create live cinematic events. Recently they have begun to include autobiographical references in their projects.

“We’ve been thinking a lot about social roles, stereotypes, typecasting, categorization, and genres. We wonder how meaning is put together at all and how memories are formed in the first place. We collaborate, but mostly to figure out what it means to speak together, two as one. We think that we’re always operating within at-hand, prescribed categories, but that these categories are fundamentally unable to accommodate the experiences they are meant to frame. As our own lives become more and more fragmented, each role is fulfilled by an increasingly abstract approximation. Soon there may be nothing there at all. We’ve gotten to this point after trying many different strategies: exhaustive categorization, recreation and reenactment, automation, miniaturization, and most recently full outsourcing and personal replacement. What follows is a report on our progress.”