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Marcia Tanner, Curator, Berkeley, California

Where the Girls Are: Women Artists Working With Technology

March 30, 2009; 46 Minutes; Video

Marcia Tanner is an independent curator and writer based in Berkeley, California. Her talk investigates the ways in which contemporary female artists, such as Kathy High, Nina Katchadourian, Rachel Mayeri, Patricia Piccinnini, Sabrina Raaf, Gail Wight, Diane Willow, and others, employ digital and electronic technology to explore scientific themes and issues. Tanner looks at their uses of interactivity and humor, their interpretations of “relational aesthetics,” and their morphing of traditional feminist concerns into often subtle yet powerful critiques of patriarchal structures, gender politics, and established assumptions in technology and science. Tanner also examines their approaches to the biological sciences.