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Mark Hosler, Artist, Negativland

Adventures in Art at the Edge of the Law

September 14, 2009; 99 Minutes; Video

Mark Hosler is a founding member of the group Negativland, which since 1980 has created records, video, radio, and live performance using appropriated sound, image, and text. Widely known for being sued for their U2 single, Negativland has released many CDs, gone on tours, and was the subject of San Francisco filmmaker Craig Baldwin’s 1995 feature film Sonic Outlaws. Hosler has been aggressively and publicly involved in advocating a significant reform of copyright laws. “Negativland isn’t just some group of merry pranksters; its art is about tearing apart and reassembling found images to create new ones, in an attempt to make social, political, and artistic statements. Hilarious and chilling” (The Onion).