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Neighborhood Public Radio, Oakland / Chicago / San Diego

1/4 Watt of Pure Power: Experiments in the Dark Transmission Arts

April 27, 2009; 43 Minutes; Video

Neighborhood Public Radio (NPR) was founded in 2004 by multimedia artists and educators LeE Montgomery, Jon Brumit, and Michael Trigilio. Over the past five years, they have been dedicated to access in excess and a critique of the limited public radio options available in the United States. Since their first broadcast in January of 2004, they have acted as a traveling band of guerilla broadcasters and developed programming with communities around the world, taught people to build their own transmitters, experimented very publicly with transmission as an artistic medium in the Bay Area, and most recently managed to bring their original critique of National Public Radio to National Public Radio’s board members and airwaves. Recent experiments have included workshops on television transmitter building, and circuit bending with an ecological concern, as well as a four-month residency in a storefront on Madison Avenue in New York as part of the 2008 Whitney Biennial. After a presentation of their history and some of their recent projects, in keeping with their collaborative process, they will ask the audience: What next?

Technical Note:
Due to sound recording issues, the first five minutes of the presentation and approximately ten minutes of the question-and-answer session have been edited out.