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Jeffrey Inaba

Architectural Communication in the Knowledge Economy

November 15, 2010; 52 Minutes; Video

As cities become knowledge-intensive economies, urban planning requires them to weigh the importance of inherently dissimilar activities, such as digital vs physical and economic vs non-economic. Architectural plans with annotated drawings, renderings, animations, and photographs can provide insight into urban conditions. These plans are a valuable medium for assessing and conceptualizing knowledge-based urban development – perhaps all the more so because of its rhetorical potential.

Of course, representing the city isn’t an exercise in objective analysis; it’s one of architectural communication where a point of view is expressed through graphic arguments, and which hopefully makes its case using effective rhetorical means to communicate its public consequences. The presentation will include studies of contemporary urban relationships with projects such as: DIY power kits, patterns of philanthropic giving, the weather, gum, war treaties, and the urbanism of banks.