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University of California's Institute for Research in the Arts (UCIRA) State of the Arts conference

UCIRA Funded Projects Showcase and Panel [Museum Theater]

May 19, 2007; 83 Minutes; Video

Since its inception, the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts has been dedicated to the promotion and support of the arts and art-centered research system wide. The State of the Arts conferences promote and celebrate the Institute's mission to broaden discussion of the current role and future of the arts in California and beyond.

This conference's focus on the digital arts provides a broad umbrella under which to explore the digital mediation of performance, space, sound, and other embodied experiences; showcase faculty and graduate student research projects that exemplify interdisciplinary and intermedia arts practice; and consider the impact of new media on the research functions and modalities of arts practice. Taken together, the arts practitioners and departments in the UC system represent an invaluable set of resources and a significant investment for the future of our state. We hope this conference demonstrates UCIRA'S potential as a major platform for presenting, discussing, and advocating for the arts and arts-centered research.

Sheldon Brown (UCSD, Visual Art)
Rickerby Hinds (UCR, Theatre)
Louis Hock (UCSD, Visual Arts)
Brett Stalbaum (UCSD, Visual Arts)
Lisa Tucker (UCI, Studio Art, MFA candidate)
Hana van der Kolk (UCLA, World Arts and Cultures, MFA candidate)
Lisa Wymore (UCB, Theater, Dance and Performance Studies)