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Gallery Talk by Peter Selz on Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero: The Abu Ghraib Series

October 4, 2009; 53 Minutes; Audio

Distinguished art historian Peter Selz, founding director emeritus of the UC Berkeley Art Museum, discusses Fernando Botero’s Abu Ghraib paintings in this informal presentation.

Selz has a longstanding commitment to the art of social and political protest, which took form most recently in his landmark publication Art of Engagement: Visual Politics in California and Beyond. The book traces the confluence of political agitation and passionately engaged art from the mid-twentieth century through responses to September 11 and the war in Iraq, and gave rise to the exhibition Visual Politics: The Art of Engagement, presented at the San Jose Museum of Art and at American University Museum in Washington, D.C.

A longtime admirer of Botero, Selz shares his singular breadth and depth of perspective as it illuminates the various meanings of Botero’s art of protest.