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Measure of Time

Jim Campbell

April 21, 2007; 60 Minutes; Video

Time is of the essence in American art of the past century. Measure of Time showcases the museum's important 20th-century collection along with some significant loans to explore, over time, how artists have worked with temporality and duration. In two galleries of paintings, sculptures, and media (both analog and digital), time and motion are compressed, fragmented, mechanized, sped up, and slowed down to an almost imperceptible pace.

Continuing our focus on how artists think about time, duration, and related interactions will be this audience-artist dialogue with Jim Campbell, the maker of Shadow (for Heisenberg), an interactive installation piece currently on view in Measure of Time.

Originally trained in electrical engineering and mathematics, Campbell employs art to explore questions of emotion and intuition as well as intellect, yielding surprisingly poetic insights into human issues such as memory and desire as well as the forces of matter, space, and time. His work has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions locally and internationally, and he has fulfilled several public art commissions throughout North America. Several works by Campbell were the subject of a 2003 MATRIX exhibition entitled Memory Array. Jim Campbell lives and works in San Francisco.

Facilitating the artist's conversation with the audience will be Steve Seid, PFA's video curator, and Terri Cohn, instructor of the museum-based course Perception, the Art Object, and the Gallery Space.