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Archiving the Avant-Garde

Creative Solutions

November 3, 2003; 60 Minutes; Video

Archiving the Avant-Garde: Preserving Digital / Media Art
A Free Public/Professional Symposium
Wednesday, November 12, 2003
PFA Theater, UC Berkeley

Works of digital and Internet art, performance, installation, conceptual, and other variable media art represent some of the most compelling and significant artistic creations of our time. These works constitute a history of alternative artistic practice, but because of their ephemeral, technical, or otherwise variable natures, they also present significant obstacles to accurate documentation, access, and preservation. Without strategies for preservation many of these vital works - and possibly whole new genres such as early Internet art - will be lost to future generations. Long term strategies must closely examine the nature of ephemeral art and identify core aspects of these works to preserve. Will the future experience these works as physical traces and documentation? Emulated media artifacts? Dynamic cultural events re-performed? All of these? This one-day public symposium is the first west-coast venue in a series of national forums on preserving media art. This symposium will introduce early collaborative efforts and strategies for preserving these art forms, as well as provide a feedback forum combining presentations by leaders in the field with structured audience discussion.