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Marianne Weems, Director, The Builders Association, NY

Mediatic Performance: New Technology for Old Theater

September 25, 2006; 60 Minutes; Video

The Builders Association is an eclectic group which combines theater practitioners with software designers and new media artists. Under the direction of Marianne Weems, this OBIE award-winning New York-based performance and media company exploits the richness of contemporary technologies to extend the boundaries of theater. Given the 'liveness' of performance, how can theater be an arena for exploring the frictive relationship between 'live' performance and 'live' technologies? How can one stage the impact of technology on human presence? And how can we use technology to talk about technology's embrace? Through viewing excerpts from past Builders Association productions, we will discuss how technology and its stories can be staged as an instrument of control, transgression, and narrative.