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Nina Katchadourian, Artist, New York

Every Single Thing Around You Could Be Trying to Tell You Something:

November 24, 2003; 77 Minutes; Video

In Nina Katchadourian's work, Technology comes into play in ways that are strongly connected to her processes of dissection, restoration, and translation. The technological realm is conventionally thought of as a place where translation happens seamlessly and without residue, but Katchadourian seeks out places that hold the promise of minor breakdowns and potential misunderstandings. Her diverse practice includes photography, sound, video and sculpture. Katchadourian often locates her subject matter in the colloquial; in recent years she has also looked to "nature" as concept, construct and site. Activities which engage technology, in both low tech and hi tech ways, have included mending broken spider webs; restoring loose, discarded audio and video tape found on the streets of different cities; creating car alarm systems based on bird sounds; and inventing a talking popcorn machine that uses a Morse Code program to translate the sounds of popping popcorn and turn it into spoken language.