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Rachel Greene, Rhizome

The History of Net Art from 1995 to the Google IPO

February 28, 2005; 60 Minutes; Video

Although the scope of contemporary visual art is enormous, internet art is still being established as a legitimate category. Strong works of internet art are able to speak about the worlds of informational technology, databases, over-saturation, hacking, etc in ways that other mediums cannot. Furthermore, internet art's place in post-Conceptual art and avant-garde genealogies remains largely uncharted. Rachel Greene will argue that the internet may be the best medium for those interested in avant-garde and oppositional art-making.

What is internet art? Is it good? Who makes it? Who buys it? Who shows it? Who cares? Greene will address these and other questions in a talk based in part on her recent book. She will relate the storied history of internet art's premier organization, Rhizome.org, and address the future of new media art in a context informed by Google, blogs, and the heightened trendiness of visual art.