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Cory Arcangel, Artist, NYC

Recent Experiments in Modern Composition, Software, and Stand-Up Comedy

October 16, 2006; 60 Minutes; Video

Lets say for a second you are an artist. And just for the sake of argument, that you make work which deals with the moving image...maybe,...Video. So you are a video artist. And yeah, its 2006,...and your videos are short, like 2-3 minutes long. So what do you do with them? Do you screen them on public access? Do you upload them to youtube? Do you sell them in limited editions in a gallery? Do you make music videos for bands? Do you enter in them in underground video/film festivals? How can you make sense of it all???? And that's just for video, imagine what a headache you'd have if you made other forms of media art as well....

This lecture proposes different ways artists (not just video artists), can make sense of the internet and the explosion of low cost distribution opportunities that are available today. Given that there is no easy solution, and that distribution interest is often tied in with content --Internet memes, comedy, the "Avant Guarde", "hacking", open source code, MySpace, and Kurt Cobain, will all be discussed in no particular order, with Cory's work serving as the underpinning structure.