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MOAC REPORT 2003: Table of Contents
  Introduction, Robin Chandler
  Project Manager's Report, Richard Rinehart
  Standards and Best Practices, Guenter Waibel
  Partner Reports
    Bancroft Library, James Eason
    Grunwald Center for Graphic Arts, Layna White
    Hearst Museum of Anthropology, Josh Meehan
    UCR/California Museum of Photography, Steve Thomas

Bancroft Library Narrative Report
James Eason, Principal Archivist for Pictorial Collections

The MOAC project has resulted in the creation of three distinct EAD finding aids for the selected Bancroft Library contributions. These finding aids, described below, include a total of 4,030 digital images representing 3,957 originals in a wide variety of formats and media. The project goal for digitization of 3,800 images has been exceeded by 157 items. This has been accomplished within the budget allocated by IMLS through some increase in Library cost share and small reallocation of salary funds to digital imaging.

Johan Hagemeyer photograph collection

The Johan Hagemeyer Photograph Collection contains the approximately 6,785 photographic prints and negatives which made up the photographer's personal archive at the time of his death in 1962. The collection spans from Hagemeyer's earliest known amateur works of ca. 1910 to his later portraits of the 1950s. Specializing in portraiture, Hagemeyer's work pictures many prominent figures - especially in the arts, literature, and sciences - local to Carmel and the San Francisco Bay Area. Hagemeyer was a close friend to and important early influence in the career of Edward Weston.

The entire collection of negatives and photographic prints has been described in the project database and an EAD finding aid has been created. The 1,500 items budgeted for digitization have been scanned and made available as part of the finding aid in the Online Archive of California.  This selection includes at least one representative image of every individual pictured in the collection, and multiple images from sittings of more prominent individuals.


Oliver Collection

The Oliver Collection consists of approximately 2,700 glass plate negatives and photographic prints taken mainly by amateur photographer William Letts Oliver and his son Roland Letts Oliver. The photographs date from ca. 1860 to ca. 1910.  Subjects include maritime and yachting scenes, views of California and San Francisco Bay area, University of California at Berkeley, mining and the explosives industry, logging, the Bohemian Grove, and the Oliver family. Also of note are photographs of Chile and Peru from 1860 to 1867.

The entire collection, formerly split into several different collections, has been arranged and described in a single project database. All cataloging and the re-housing of glass plates has been completed. The complete unified collection finding aid along with the 2,049 selected digital images has been made available in the Online Archive of California.

Bancroft Framed Art collection

The project as proposed provided for the description and digitization of 300 framed images from the Bancroft Library collections. These images include oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, lithographs, and other works on paper, chiefly illustrative of the history of California and the American West.

Additional items beyond those 300 initially proposed have been included in the project, and the total digitization figures are 452 images representing  some 408 original objects. This expansion was accomplished without additional IMLS funds, but rather by a small reallocation of some funding from staff salaries to scanning costs. Among the additional items included are lithographic bird's-eye views of Western towns and pictorial lettersheets from the California gold rush era.  These additions complement similar materials in the original MOAC proposal as well as those in Bancroft's Robert B. Honeyman, Jr. collection. The result is that all known bird's-eye views and California lettersheets in Bancroft collections are being made available online.  324 of the 415 items are now available in the Online Archive of California, and the remainder will be added early in 2003.