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Afterimage: Leslie Thornton

Thursday, October 16, 2014
7:00 p.m. An Aesthetic of Uncertainty: Cinema by Leslie Thornton
Leslie Thornton US, 1983–2014

In Conversation/Leslie Thornton and Pooja Rangan

Pooja Rangan is assistant professor of culture and media at the New School in New York, and is completing a book on the humanitarian impulse in documentary

Tonight's program features a selection of Leslie Thornton’s short films and digital videos that explore how the West looks at the East; how we look at animals, nature, and each other; and how technology impacts these interactions. It includes Thornton's lush and evocative Adynata, which uses excerpts from Theresa Hak-kyung Cha's Dictée and a host of well-known films to create a semiological overload. Her recent Philosophers Walk on the Sublime takes us to the Alps to talk about philosophy. For Sahara/Mohave, Thornton set out to “hone an ‘aesthetic of uncertainty’ to question our understanding of the real”—an apt description of her life’s work.

Adynata 1983, 30 mins, Color, 16mm, BAM/PFA Preservation Print
Sahara/Mohave 2006, 12 mins, Color, Digital, From the artist
SONGS One Two Three 2012, 14 mins, Color, Digital, From the artist
Binocular Menagerie 2014, 3 mins, Color, Digital, From the artist
Philosophers Walk on the Sublime 2013, 15 mins, Color, Digital, From the artist

Total running time: c. 75 mins