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The Bed

Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area

Saturday, October 16, 2010
6:00 p.m. Stories Untold

George Kuchar, Chip Lord, and Anne McGuire in Person

The satiric, sensual, and striking stories in this program represent some of the ways in which the tale can commingle with the telling to produce oddly original offspring. James Broughton’s allegorical romp features the eponymous enchanted “Bed” as a staging area for life’s cycles. Curt McDowell is not so enchanted with his return home in A Visit to Indiana. Home movies from the heartland play off his droll disappointment. Ever pent-up, George Kuchar’s prodigiously purple A Reason to Live pits meteorological excess against the swelling desires of a man in heat and his numerous love objects. The pressure to perform is at the base of Max Almy’s Deadline, a concise yet effects-laden lamentation. Easy Living never is in Chip Lord’s horrifically serene look at suburbia, using miniature toys to create a landscape of false tranquility. Scott Stark’s wryly postured I’ll Walk with God deploys airline emergency information cards to show how stewardesses have unwittingly ascended to a higher spiritual plane. Anne McGuire has the last word with All Smiles and Sadness, an unfolding soap opera in which its black-and-white characters jabber on in airy cliché until George Kuchar arrives to superheat the atmosphere.

—Steve Seid

The Bed (James Broughton, 1968, 19 mins, Color, 16mm, PFA Preservation Print). A Visit to Indiana (Curt McDowell, 1970, 10 mins, Color, 16mm, From Canyon Cinema). A Reason to Live (George Kuchar, 1976, 25:30 mins, Color, 16mm, From Canyon Cinema). Deadline (Max Almy, 4:25 mins, 1981, Color, ¾" video, PFA Collection). Easy Living (Chip Lord and Mickey McGowan, 1984, 19 mins, Color, mini-DV, From Video Data Bank). I’ll Walk with God (Scott Stark, 1994, 8 mins, Color, 16mm, From Canyon Cinema). All Smiles and Sadness (Anne McGuire, 1999, 8 mins, B&W, mini-DV, From artist).

• (Total running time: approximately 95 mins)