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In a Different Light

Thursday, February 9, 1995
7:30 p.m. Who's Saying What About Whom?

Curated by Karl Knapper and Alfonso Moret

This program showcases work that challenges societally induced stereotypes and perceptions about racial and sexual identity; it questions notions of abjection, self-discovery, love, anger, desire, personal politics, empowerment, and assimilation. The tension created both within and between these works generates and explores a space of ambivalence about identity and representation. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people struggle within this space to create personal identities out of the multiplicity of identities that so many of us can rightfully lay claim to in an often confusingly diverse world. These tapes deal with the myths, perceptions, and realities of our lives and expose the way lesbian and gay artists represent not only our own identities and realities, but those of others as well.

—Alfonso Moret, videomaker and curator; Karl Knapper, critic, curator, educator, President of the Board of Frameline

Put Your Lips Around Yes (John Lindell, 1991, 4 mins). My Skin Is A Map (Steve Grandell, 6 mins). What Does It Mean to Capture a Soul (Amos V. White, 3 mins). B.U.C.K.L.E. (Catherine Saalfield, Julie Tolentino, 10 mins). Just A Love Thang (Mari Keiko Gonzalez, 4 mins). A Light On the Path (Marco Puccioni, Italy, 16 mins). Cholo Joto (Augie Robles, 12 mins). The Attendant (Isaac Julien, U.K., 8 mins, 35mm). Media Blackmale (Wendell Bruno, Canada, 1992, 5 mins). Significant (Br)other (Charles Lofton, 5 mins). Ghost Body (Christopher Cutrone, 20 mins). Vanilla Sex (Cheryl Dunye, 1992, 4 mins).

(Total running time: 97 mins; U.S., 1993, Color, 3/4" video except as indicated)