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Icky Flix Remix: Videos by The Residents, 1975–2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
7:30 p.m. Videos by The Residents

Representatives of the Cryptic Corporation in Person

A true Bay Area original, though not originally from the Bay Area, The Residents stand as an avant-rock group with few jeers and fewer peers. Reveling in acute anonymity, The Residents have thrown light onto the dark recesses of American culture, illuminating freaky pathologies and endless yearning. Their orchestrated output churns through pop musics and icky surrealism, building to theatrical surplus when performed live. As quirky composers, The Residents exude excess, but they are also remarkable moving-image makers, having produced prototypical pics like The Third Reich ’n’ Roll and Hello Skinny in the seventies, then leading the way with woebegone wanderings through the interactive Freak Show in the early nineties, and on to the computer creations of more recent years like Stars and Stripes Forever and Burn Baby Burn. Icky Flix Remix is a whirlwind survey of their oozing opus that includes never-before-seen works—from their eyeballs to yours.

—Steve Seid

Arrive between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. and enjoy a demo of the legendary interactive CD-ROM Freak Show in the theater lobby.

The Residents will perform at the Berkeley Art Museum on June 4 as part of the Friday evening program L@TE.

Stars and Stripes Forever (1997, 2:17 mins). The Third Reich ’n’ Roll (1977,
5 mins, 16mm, PFA Collection). Constantinople (2000, 2:25 mins). This Is a Man’s Man’s Man’s World (1984, 3:53 mins). Kick a Picnic (2000, 2:34 mins). He Also Serves (2000, 2:39 mins). One Minute Movies (Graeme Whifler and The Residents, 1980, 4:34 mins, 16mm, PFA Collection). Angry Angakok (Eskimo excerpt) (2002, 5:20 mins). Harry the Head (1991, 2:59 mins). Jelly Jack the Boneless Boy (1993, 4:22 mins). Just for You (Disfigured Night excerpt) (1997, 7:40 mins). Hello Skinny (Graeme Whifler, 1978, 3 mins, 16mm, PFA Collection). It All Begins to Come Back (Is Anybody Out There? excerpt) (2009, 10:15 mins). Burn Baby Burn (2000, 3:19 mins). Songs for Swinging Larvae (Graeme Whifler, 1981, 7 mins, 16mm, PFA Collection)

• (Total running time: c. 80 mins, Video, From the artists, except where otherwise indicated)