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When Worlds Collude

Alternative Visions

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
7:30 p.m. Altered States: Recent Experimental Cinema
Vincent Grenier, Jim Jennings, Vanessa O’Neill, Ben Russell, Sylvia Schedelbauer, Jonathan Schwartz, Fred Worden (U.S., 2007–2009)

Vanessa O’Neill in Person

Varied in their approaches and concerns, these recent experimental films and videos share an interest in altered states, whether a city reflected in a variety of distorting surfaces in Jim Jennings’s Fashion Avenue or trances induced by pulsating music in Ben Russell’s Black and White Trypps Number Three. In local filmmaker Vanessa O’Neill’s two-projector film Suspension, an ocean horizon becomes an exquisitely abstract, shimmering color field. Jonathan Schwartz also explores transformation and impermanence in his miniature In a Year With 13 Deaths. A beautiful color study, Vincent Grenier’s Les Chaises engages with the physical phenomena of a backyard while exploring the possibilities of the digital medium. Drawing on found images, way fare by Sylvia Schedelbauer depicts a psychic journey, accompanied by a powerful soundscape. Fred Worden manipulates images taken from popular culture in his playful sci-fi thriller When Worlds Collude.

—Kathy Geritz

Black and White Trypps Number Three (Ben Russell, 2007, 12 mins, Color, 35mm). In a Year with 13 Deaths (Jonathan Schwartz, 2008, 3 mins, Color, 16mm
). Suspension (Vanessa O’Neill, 2008, 10 mins, Color/B&W, Silent, Double 16mm projection). Fashion Avenue (Jim Jennings, 2009, 7 mins, B&W, Silent, 16mm). Les Chaises. (Vincent Grenier, 2008, 9 mins, Color, Digital Video). way fare (Sylvia Schedelbauer, 2009, 6 mins, Toned B&W, Digital Video). When Worlds Collude (Fred Worden, 2008, 13 mins, Color, Digital video)

• (Total running time: 60 mins, From the artists)