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Sunday Video

Sunday, November 11, 1979
2:00 p.m. Tapes from The Everson Video Revue: Documentaries
James Morris (1978)
John Margolies (1977)
Bart Friedman (1977)
Pamela Rorke, Garth Lewis (1979)

Admission Free

Stag Hotel
James Morris’ tape is a penetrating look at the men who live in Syracuse’s Stag Hotel. Morris’ use of low-profile, portable equipment encourages the residents to be at home and relaxed as they discuss their past lives, present circumstances and life-outlooks. With the exception of one, they suffer from the dilemmas of sad memories, alcohol, and the cares of the forgotten. Photographed by Mark Achbar. (1978, 28 mins, color)

Resorts of the Catskills
Conceived by John Margolies for the Architectural League of New York, the tape presents six Catskill resorts. In contrast to the imposing conventions of an architectural treatise, the tape focuses on the everyday elements of each: the ceremoniousness of the hosts, family histories, guests, facilities, the natural environment, and even the food. In spite of the lack of academic analysis, the tape provides an architect with a thoughtful view of needed expansion. Produced by Skip Blumberg and John Margolies at Lanesville TV, Catskill Mountains. (1977, 30 mins, color)

Harold’s Bar Mitzvah
Bart Friedman, co-founder of Videofreex, Media Bus, and Lanesville TV, covers Harold’s coming-of-age in the dual role of typical photographer and video documentarian. The celebration includes Grandfather Sam, the instructions of the Rabbi and, of course, all of Harold’s relatives. (1977, 40 mins)

A documentary by two UCB Journalism students, Pamela Rorke and Garth Lewis, which takes an inside look at college sorority life at UC Berkeley in 1979. It examines the social, sexual, and intellectual attitudes of sorority women; reveals how sisters are chosen; and how attitudes about race and social position influence who’s in and who’s out. (1979, 50 mins, color)