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Asparagus & Other Animation by Susan Pitt

Tuesday, April 3, 1979
7:15 p.m. Asparagus & Other Animation by Susan Pitt
Susan Pitt (USA,1970-78)

Susan Pitt in Person!

Tonight’s program includes the following films:

Opera from Loops (two films, actors, multiple soundtracks). Music by Garby Leon. (1976, 7 mins, Prints Courtesy of filmmaker).
First presented in a performance with John Cage at Harvard University.

Bowl, Theatre, Garden, Marble Game (1970, 7 mins, color, Print Courtesy of filmmaker)
“Four animated anecdotes and a squeaky violin - a selection of visual surprises” (S.P.) which include a patch of ground out of which asparagus-like stalks emerge suddenly and begin to wave in the wind, slowly metamorphosing into penises, still waving in the wind.

Crocus (1971, 7 mins, color, Print Courtesy of filmmaker)
With meticulously detailed figures and objects set into illusionistic spaces, the surreal world of Magritte paintings is evoked, but “it is clearly (Susan Pitt’s) world... about the artist’s family life - giving the baby a glass of water, going to bed and making love... during which a wild assortment of moths, birds, flowers and vegetables - including a huge cabbage - float through the room and out the window.” (Philip Larson, Curator, Walker Art Center)

Whitney Commercial (1973, 2-1/2 mins, color, Print Courtesy of filmmaker)
Commissioned by the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York to gain support for their film program, “New American Filmmakers.” It was projected daily for two years at the Whitney.

Jefferson Circus Songs (1973, 20 mins, color, Print Courtesy of filmmaker)
“Made with children... a string of puzzling little episodes, some using cut-out animation, some featuring a pixillated cast clad in moppet wigs with stockings stretched over their faces.” (Ron Epple, Media and Methods). “Most of it is quite sophisticated and brilliant... likeable because it’s perfect for what it is - a fantasy - and such things, if done well and with talent and vision, need no outside logic... like looking into a Faberge egg.” (Rex Reed)

Asparagus (1974-78, 19 mins, color, Print Courtesy of filmmaker) A Bay Area Premiere!
“A visual poem combining full cel animation with three-dimensional sets (a ten-foot theatre with changing animated stage illusion and two hundred puppets, matted with superimposed drawings). An erotic allegory of the creative process in which a woman views and performs the passages of sensual and artistic discovery.” (S.P.). Awarded “Best Film of 1978” by ASIFA East.