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Classics of German Expressionist Cinema

Friday, February 23, 1979
6:00 p.m. Danton's Death
Dmitri Buchowetzki (Germany,1921)

Admission: $1.50

Inspired by the highly acclaimed production of Romain Rolland’s “Danton” by Max Reinhardt at the Grosse Schauspielhaus in Berlin, this film based “on historical events,” according to the blurbs, is not so much a take-off from the French revolution but rather from Rolland’s drama and perhaps even more so from Georg Buechner’s “Danton’s Death.” It is the story of Danton, who less dogmatic than the fanatical Robespierre, is the first one to succumb before the fickle mood of the Parisians and ends on the guillotine to which he had dispatched so many people and where he is followed by Robespierre. Extraordinary sets by Hanns Dreier.

• Directed by Dmitri Buchowetzki. Screenplay by Buchowetzki and Carl Mayer. Photographed by Arpad Vivagh. Sets by Hanns Dreier. With Emil Jannings, Werner Krauss, Hugo Doblin. (1921, 74 mins, silent with German intertitles, English synopsis or live translation provided, Print Courtesy of the Goethe Institute)