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Classics of German Expressionist Cinema

Friday, February 9, 1979
6:00 p.m. Torgus
Hanns Kobe (Germany,1921)

A typically gloomy expressionist family drama (from the synopsis: “Torgus appears at the wedding, bringing as a ‘gift’ a coffin with Anna’s body. In a fit of anger, John strangles his Aunt Turid”), Torgus shows a certain connection to Caligari, inasmuch as the walls and furniture quite frequently have strange hatches, giving the picture unrealistic effects. In some scenes, shadows are also painted on the scenery to heighten expressionist lighting effects.

• Directed by Hanns Kobe. Screenplay by Carl Mayer, based on an Icelandic ballad. Photographed by Karl Freund. With Eugen Klopfer, Hermine Strassmann-Witt, Adele Sandrock. (1921, 78 mins, silent with German intertitles, synopsis or live English translation provided, Print Courtesy of Goethe Institute)