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Classics of German Expressionist Cinema

Friday, February 2, 1979
6:00 p.m. Journey Into The Night (Gang In Die Nacht)
F. W. Murnau (Germany,1920)

Admission: $1.00

Long considered a lost Murnau film, Journey Into The Night was recently discovered at the East German Film Archive. According to Lotte Eisner in her definitive book on Murnau, the film is “somewhat melodramatic” - not a rediscovered Murnau masterpiece, but Murnau nevertheless. The sole surviving copy suffers from the loss of some titles and continuity.

• Directed by F.W. Murnau. Screenplay by Carl Mayer, based on the Danish script “The Conqueror” by Harriet Bloch. Photographed by Max Lutze. With Olaf Fonss, Erna Morena, Conrad Veidt. (1920, 60 mins, German titles with English synopsis or live translation provided, Print Courtesy of Goethe Institute)