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Peter Kubelka delivers his lecture "The Edible Metaphor"

Peter Kubelka: Films and Lectures

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
7:30 p.m. The Edible Metaphor

Lecture by Peter Kubelka

Peter Kubelka establishes the preparation of food as the first communicative art. "Cooking must be seen as the oldest expression of world view and identity, long before the arrival of sculpture, painting, and even spoken language. Paleolithic cooking processes have already used concepts like analysis, synthesis, condensation, symbolism. Therefore cooking must also be seen as the ancestor of physics, chemistry, and philosophy," Kubelka asserts. His lectures are not based on the spoken word alone: he presents examples to see, feel, and smell. His use of "extraverbal communication" makes these lectures not just an intellectual but also a sensual experience.

• (Total program: c. 120 mins)