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46th San Francisco International Film Festival at PFA

Wednesday, April 23, 2003
José Henrique Fonseca Brazil, 2003

(O homem do ano). Fate and peroxide tint José Henrique Fonseca's atmospheric film set on Brazil's besieged city streets. Gazing into a mirror at a salon, Máiquel (brooding and volatile Murilo Benício) glimpses a new personality lurking behind his freshly bleached platinum blonde hair. When Máiquel kills a local criminal, he earns his neighbors' respect and launches his life as an assassin. Breno Silveira's liquid camerawork underscores the mood of decay and corruption in Fonseca's sleek first feature, a potent examination of the forces of destiny, violence, and status.

—Aaron Lazenby

• Written by Rubem Fonseca, based on The Killer by Patricia Melo. Photographed by Breno Silveira. With Murilo Benício, Claudia Abreu, Natália Lage, Jorge Dória. (115 mins)