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46th San Francisco International Film Festival at PFA

Monday, April 21, 2003
9:45 a.m. EAT, SLEEP, NO WOMEN
Heiner Stadler Germany, 2002

(Essen, schlafen, keine Frauen). An account of how war in one part of the world—in this case, the war launched by the United States in Afghanistan in October 2001—reverberates in every other region, indeed, in every person. Heiner Stadler guides us on an entertaining and philosophical journey to many countries, where we glimpse the war's impact on individual lives. At a crucial moment in history, this film offers an important opportunity for Americans to reflect on how we are regarded from a global perspective.

—Cathleen Rountree

• Written by Stadler. Photographed by Yusef Hu, Stadler. (76 mins)