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Size Matters Part Ii: Feature-Length Experimental Video

Wednesday, April 19, 2000
Jordan Biren: Strange Affinities

Artists exist in a network of influences, often obscured through assimilation, redirection, mutation. What are the tenuous points of reference we seek in the work of art, the strange affinities that correspond to the creation? Tonight's program highlights Jordan Biren's From Here Home (1999, 30:25 mins), seeking an enjoyment of the work as well as the linkages that made it what it is. From Here Home is a story of domesticity and renegade emotions, rendered in chiaroscuro. Like a Raymond Carver tale tormenting the dreams of David Lynch, we confront the tempestuous moods of family glancing off the trim surfaces of urban habitation. Around From Here Home spins a universe of associations seen through the works of Biren's accomplices and colleagues. These tapes are not echoes of his own, nor do they resemble his, but the sympathetic oscillations are there nonetheless. Among the points of reference are Anne McGuire's All Smiles and Sadness (1999, 8 mins), an aching soap opera of misdirection; Tony Discenza's Phosphorescence (1999, 13:50 mins), late-night TV detritus rendered as sensuous inscape; Adrian Van Allen's Semiotic Voice Lesson (1999, 4:55 mins), modern automata meets the gender test; and G.X. Jupitter-Larsen's Holes in the Neck (1994, 16:30 minutes), in which the eggman bears his teeth. Also included are brand new works by Rebeca Bollinger, Torsten Burns, and Virocode.-Steve Seid

• (Total running time: c. 100 mins, 3/4" video, From the artists)