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In a Different Light

Thursday, April 20, 1995
Dunyementaries: The Videos of Cheryl Dunye

Cheryl Dunye, a film and video artist based in New York and Philadelphia, refers to her work as "dunyementaries," alluding to her blurring of documentary, fiction, personal life, and imagined stories. Humorous and socially astute, her films and videos use an engaging mixture of styles and genres to confound our expectations. Using direct address and visual metaphor, Janine (1990, 10 mins) explores a black lesbian's relationship with a white, upper-middle-class high-school girl. She Don't Fade (1991, 24 mins) self-reflexively examines the sexuality of a young black lesbian. The comic Potluck and the Passion (1993, 30 mins) explores racial and sexual politics over a potluck meal. Using appropriated footage and home movies, An Untitled Portrait (1993, 3 mins, VHS) examines Dunye's relationship with her brother. In her most recent work, Greetings from Africa (1994, 8 mins, B&W/Color, 16mm), Dunye humorously depicts the mysteries of lesbian dating in the '90s.

• (Total running time: 75 mins, Color, 3/4" Video, unless indicated otherwise, From the artist)