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Nicaragua: Free Homeland or Death & Nicaragua September 1978

Friday, June 1, 1979
8:00 p.m. Nicaragua: Free Homeland or Death & Nicaragua September 1978

East Bay Premiere!

In Wheeler Auditorium

Admission: $3.00

Nicaragua: Free Homeland Or Death
Roberto Vargas, a local representative of the Frente Sandinista, will introduce and discuss this new documentary - made by Itsmo Films in cooperation with the Sandinista National Liberation Front - as well as the events it depicts, and the recent developments in the ongoing civil war, including the current revolutionary offensive by the F.S.L.N. aimed at toppling the 40-year dictatorship of the Somoza family.
The film begins with scenes filmed during the Fall 1978 uprising by the F.S.L.N. which was spontaneously joined by thousands of Nicaraguan citizens; it then explores the historical background to the present crisis (the U.S. Marine intervention in 1927, the role of Cesar Augusto Dandino, etc.); it moves to a secret F.S.L.N. training camp, where many militants are interviewed (including Eden Pastora, renowned as “Commandante Cero,” and the revolutionary priest Ernesto Cardenal); and concludes with actual scenes of combat.

• Produced by Itsmo Films. (1979, 75 mins, color, English titles or narration, Print from Tricontinental Films)


Nicaragua September 1978
Eye-witness reportage by a Dutch team of filmmakers chronicling the spontaneous and massive uprising of thousands of Nicaraguans against the National Guard and dictatorship of Anastacio Somoza in September 1978. Awarded the Golden Dove (First Prize) at the 1978 Leipzig Film Festival.

• Produced by Frank Diamond and Octavio Cortez. (1978, 43 mins, color, English narration and Spanish dialogue, Print from Tricontinental Films)