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Greek Cinema - A Retrospective

Monday, March 19, 1979
7:30 p.m. Dracos - Fiend of Athens
Nikos Koundouros (Greece,1956)

“Hailed at Venice in 1956, this is the satirical tale of a clerk who is mistaken for a notorious criminal. He makes a disastrous incursion into the underworld, eventually dying at the hands of a mob. The picture, with its feverish editing and set pieces (a mass, spontaneous dance among gangsters), offers a remarkable insight into the Piraeus underworld and its strange rituals.”

—National Film Theater, London.

“Koundouros is a young director who scorns to discipline his talent. But his story has a true violence and sense of atmosphere; however rough its expression, there is an original personality at work here.”

—Lindsay Anderson

• Produced and Directed by Nikos Koundouros. Written by Iakovos Kampanellis. With Dinos Iliopoulos, Margarita Papageorgiou. (1956, 100 mins, In Greek with English subtitles, Print Courtesy of the Greek Cinematheque)