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The Blob: A Shapeless Spectacle

With Brale.co and Curtis Tamm

October 28, 2011; 7:30 p.m.; Gallery B

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Programmed by Steve Seid

Projection performance 6:30
Beware! the Blob!
That amorphous 1970s mocu-monster movie is coming, slowly undulating its way into Gallery B. This will be a B2B viewing experience––Blob to BAMscape. Let’s stick to the sticky one: Beware, a.k.a. The Son of the Blob. The Blob blobulates around town, absorbing all creatures, big and small: Godfrey Cambridge, Bud Cort, even the totally edible director/star Larry Hagman. To keep things as formless as possible, we’ll extrude an ill-defined selection of gooey, gooshy treats to eat. Beside our blob, BAMscape, will be another, a giant air sac with sounds and images emitting from its moving membrane. Join us for a totally blobular bash.

Just added! Blobular music to be performed by the East Bay's own gelatinous combo, Brale.co (Bruce Anderson, Gregory Hagan, Nico Sophiea, and Dale Sophiea) with the optical antics of light sculptor Curtis Tamm (and Maneesh Madahar).

L@TE is made possible in part by the continued support of the BAM/PFA Trustees. Special thanks to our media sponsors, East Bay Express and San Francisco Bay Guardian.

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