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Radical L@TE: Advance to Full Fury—Sound and Image Performances

September 17, 2010; 7:30 p.m.; Gallery B

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Programmed by Kathy Geritz, Steve Seid, and Christine Metropoulos

Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945-2000, BAM/PFA’s book on alternative cinema in the Bay Area, ends with the year 2000. To celebrate artists who have emerged since that millennial turn, we give you a searing set of ever-morphing, optically insistent, and sonically frenzied sound and light performances.

First up are the duo of Curtis Tamm and Michael Campos-Quinn, two mixed media mavericks who coax complex feedback from the apparatus of immersive light projection. Their performance, Efflorescence of Dura-Mater, begins with minimalist film loops and ends with a cresting wave of extra-sensorial stimulation.

Seth Horvitz (aka Sutekh) embraces the discarded artifacts of technology. In his Green Phosphor series, Horvitz commandeers dated monochrome CRTs, using them as a decaying field of play. A video camera and sound oscillators then propagate endless low-res mutations.

Andrew Benson and Joshua Churchill orchestrate a wall of sound and image, Benson’s massive pixel paintings riding atop the oceanic drone of Churchill’s processed guitar. Their ongoing collaborative performance project deploys custom visualizing sensors as input modulators and a radiating acoustic massing that advances to a furious crest. Be there for the full tsunami.

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