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Returning Current with Daniela Gesundheit and Katy Payne

May 9, 2014; 7:30 p.m.; Gallery B

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Programmed by David Wilson

Just added! Come early for a 7 PM performance of a new piece by Chris Duncan and eleven other percussionists. Sit on Fritz Haeg's rug and be enveloped by a meditative, endurance-based soundscape. Plus receive a limited-edition risograph and photocopied poster designed by Chris Duncan.

Acoustic biologist Katy Payne's stirring lecture about her research on humpback whales and African elephants is set within an original musical context by Daniela Gesundheit and a choir of singers and instrumentalists.

In preparing the musicians for this performance, Payne has taught the principles, structures, and techniques of humpback whale song though several group sound experiments, including, but not limited to, deep listening exercises with audio recordings (garnered from her groundbreaking collection of field recordings with ex-husband Roger Payne, Songs of the Humpback Whale) and analyzing spectrograms of whalesong through a musical, rather than research-oriented, lens. Along with these musical building blocks, she will also expand on the various functions that whale song serves in whale culture. Gesundheit will aid in translating Payne’s concepts and instructions into performance strategies.

Please note that there will be only limited seating at this season’s L@TE events.

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