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Skank Bloc Bologna Number Four: Allan deSouza and The Beast in Space; Fools in Print with the Voices of Joan LaBarbara, Paul Rooney, and Jordan Baseman; Speakers’ Corner

April 16, 2010; 7:30 p.m.; Gallery B

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Inspired by Semina, a free-form journal published sporadically by artist Wallace Berman and his circle in California in the 1950s and 1960s, each issue of Anne Colvin’s Skank Bloc Bologna is a looseleaf collection of works from an international cast of artists, writers, and poets. Issues One through Three are available in the BAM/PFA Store. Issue Number Four will be the first time-based and paper issue, drawn from Colvin’s five-evening L@TE residency at BAM (February through June, on the third Friday of each month), and will include ephemera from the performances, spoken word events, screenings, sounds, and conversations.

The third evening of Skank Bloc Bologna Number Four features The Beast in Space—a 1980s Euro-sleaze space saga, recently unearthed in the basement of a condemned Bologna porn cinema and packed with intergalactic discos, cardboard aliens, and ridiculous special effects. Local artist Allan deSouza offers up clips and wry observations from Beast . . . in a mash-up–style lecture. The presentation of Fool Me, the voice issue of Fools in Print—a Scottish artist-run press edited by Lucy Keany—includes Rabbit Hole/Acid House by singer and composer Joan La Barbara; a dub reggae, Lancastrian post-punk narration by Paul Rooney; and Ask for It from Jordan Baseman, recorded in a football club in Sheffield, U.K. Fool Me was commissioned by New Media Scotland and free copies will be available at this event. A Speakers’ Corner with an open mic completes the picture—bring your songs, poems, or rants for free public expression!

Preceded at 6 p.m. by KALX DJ Citizen Zain, who will respond to SBB4 with a mix of skank, opera, and Scritti Politti. Wine and beer will be available for purchase.

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