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Radical L@TE

March 18, 2011; 7:30 p.m.; Gallery B

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(Doors 5 p.m., DJ Set by Wobbly 6:30 p.m.)
Programmed by Kathy Geritz and Steve Seid

For our final Radical L@TE, we feature a selection of Bay Area artists who expand cinema into the gallery space with dazzling 3D, multiple screens, and multiple projectors. This work arises from documentary explorations and scientific experiments, reframed by conceptual concerns. Lynn Marie Kirby’s installation, C: to C: Several Centuries After the Double Slit Experiment, is both an homage to Michael Snow’s Wavelength and to the double slit experiments that revealed light to be both a particle and a wave. Greta Snider and Johunna Grayson collaborated on the stereoscopic slide show, Dimensional Bodies, an intimate series of portraits that focus on bodily issues, including aging and sexuality. Jeanne C. Finley's slide show performance includes three pieces that humorously weave narrative and documentary forms, I Saw Jesus in a Tortilla, Deaf Dogs Can Hear, and Beyond the Times Foreseen. Kerry Laitala will unveil a new three-projector film, 1000 Deaths, with sound by L@TE favorite Wobbly as well as a new installation, and Lynne Sachs will present States of Unbelonging, an installation of light boxes that explores how one person attempts to understand another.

Join Film Curator Kathy Geritz and Video Curator Steve Seid at 6:30 p.m. in the Theater Gallery for a guided tour of The Timeline, a gallery component of the Radical Light project.

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