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Ear Side Out: Sound Performances by Loren Chasse and Jacob Kirkegaard

April 5, 2013; 6:00 p.m.

Join sound artist and educator Loren Chasse and sound installation artist Jacob Kirkegaard in the Silence galleries for a singular listening experience. Combining ambient recordings of the gallery space, otoacoustic emission recordings, and real-time interactive performance, Chasse and Kirkegaard create a multilayered aural experience as they respond to the space and each other.

Known for his work in environmental sound, Loren Chasse’s abilities to listen and to transform ordinary objects into musical instruments are the most identifiable features of his work. His live performances emphasize improvisation and focus on the listener’s aural experience. For many years, Chasse recorded with numerous collaborators on his own (now retired) Jewelled Antler record label. He has since established a career as a teacher of aural literacy, using a listening curriculum he developed.

Jacob Kirkegaard’s installations, compositions, and performances deal with acoustic spaces and phenomena that usually remain imperceptible. Using unorthodox recording methods, he captures and contextualizes hitherto unheard sounds from within a variety of environments: a geyser, a sand dune, a nuclear power plant, an empty room, and even the human inner ear. His video and sound installation work, AION, is on view in Silence.

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