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Yang Fudong

Single-channel films by Yang Fudong

August 21, 2013 - December 8, 2013; 12:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

On view in the Museum Theater Wednesday–Sunday
Included with admission

August 21–September 15
Liu Lan (2003)
The story of unrequited love between protagonists of seemingly different eras: a young cosmopolitan man and a beautiful woman who tends the ferry on a small lake. (14 mins, continuous loop)

September 18–October 13
Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest (Zhu Lin Qi Xian) (2004)
Wednesdays: Part I (29:32 mins); Thursdays: Part II (46:15 mins); Fridays: Part III (53 mins); Saturdays: Part IV (70 mins), Sundays: Part V (91:41 mins) (continuous loop)
Yang’s intellectuals are entangled in the discrepancies of the old and new worlds, at the crux where traditional social values and personal freedom collide.

October 16–November 10
The Nightman Cometh (Yejiang) (2011)
Yang pays homage to Chinese film history in this stylized re-creation of its cinematic tropes, as four timeless characters wander a haunted, snowbound world. (19:21 mins, continuous loop)

November 13–December 8
An Estranged Paradise (Mo Sheng Tian Tang) (1997/2002)
Starting with a meditation on the composition of space in Chinese painting, the film traces the spiritual instability of Zhuzi, a young intellectual in the legendary city of Hangzhou. (76 mins, continuous loop)