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Human/Nature: Artists Respond to a Changing Planet

Gallery Talk and Workshop: Environmentalism and Art in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil

May 3, 2009; 3:00 p.m.

Gallery C, Gallery B

Artisans and other members of three indigenous groups living in the Atlantic Forest in southeastern Brazil will join artist Rigo 23 in a presentation about the two-part installation Sapukay—Cry for Help and Teko Mbarate—Struggle for Life, the product of a multiyear collaborative effort involving over a hundred community members. Their discussion will touch on the environmental issues that inform the artwork and the indigenous crafts it incorporates.

Sérgio Carlos Neves, a member of the Caiçara from Ilha do Cardoso, is a fisherman and artisan who created the bamboo framework for both sculptures. Renato da Silva Mariano, a member of the Guaraní, is a community leader from Pindoty Village. José Rodrigues da Silva is a political leader, community organizer, and oral historian of the Quilombo.

Ignacio Chapela, an associate professor in UC Berkeley’s School of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, and Gonzalo Hidalgo, an environmentalist and cultural activist who collaborated on the on-site fabrication of the sculptures, will contribute questions and observations to the discussion.