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Human/Nature: Artists Respond to a Changing Planet

Community Day: Localize! Environmental Activism at the Grassroots

June 7, 2009; 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Sculpture Garden, Terraces, and Human/Nature Galleries

Admission to the galleries is free all day, including guided tours and all Localize! activities!

RIDE! Free valet bike parking by Centro Comunitario de Bicicletas.

Engaging the need and desire for community-based responses to ecological and economic realities, Localize! offers hands-on activities, demonstrations, performance, and information-sharing with representatives from urban neighborhood-based art and ecology projects and similar student-organized efforts. Plus enjoy refreshments and Human/Nature tours with UC Berkeley grad students!

Image Credit: Micah Bazant: Green Jobs, 2009; courtesy of Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project.

Visit the Localize! Facebook page.

Participating projects and artists:

The Coffee Bike stops at Localize! Begun as an artist’s collaboration between Eric Cabunoc and Neco Diry, the coffee bike has since visited art openings, Pixar Studios, and the streets of Oakland and Davis, giving out free home-roasted organic fair trade coffee in handmade and re-appropriated coffee mugs.

Ariel Luckey will perform excerpts from Free Land, his dynamic hip-hop theater solo show that uncovers suppressed local histories while it follows a young Oakland-born-and-raised man’s search for his roots.

With a strong background in culinary arts and community food networks, Oakland-based artist Virtuous (a.k.a. V) performs original songs that bring environmental and related social issues to the forefront of our consciousness.

Forage Oakland
Imagine your neighborhood as an edible map. The gleaning of unharvested fruits; the meeting of new neighbors; the gathering and redistribution of fruits that would otherwise be wasted—these can create a new paradigm for thinking about food, exchange networks, and local sustainability.
Join us for a public exchange of marmalade and jam made from locally foraged fruit!

Urban Youth Harvest
Oakland youth bike their way to harvest excess fruit from Oakland’s backyards and provide this delicious and nutritious bounty to low-income seniors who lack access to healthy produce. UYH participants also act as community educators on health, nutrition, and the need for a sustainable food system.
Make and enjoy organic lemonade with us, and exchange other citrus fruits and healthy recipes!

Temescal Seed Swap
The seed swap cart—a mobile site for exchange built entirely from recycled materials—will be stocked with a selection of local flower and vegetable seeds. Temescal Seed Swap is a project of marksearch, whose current work can be viewed at: http://www.10000stepsoakland.org/
Contribute favorite seeds from your garden to the swap, or come by and take some local seeds home. No one turned away for lack of seeds!

Mandela Foods Cooperative
Realizing a years-long community organizing effort, Mandela Foods Cooperative will open on June 6 to provide fresh, affordable produce from local farmers; nutrition education classes; and cooperative investment programs for West Oakland residents.

The East Bay Depot for Creative ReUse promotes solid waste diversion and resource conservation by collecting and redistributing reusable materials for education, arts and crafts, and a wide variety of other creative projects. The Depot also educates about waste reduction, recycling, and reusable materials through a school-based environmental curriculum.
Come work with an artist from the Depot to create something beautiful from reused materials!

Bay Worms
Using vermicomposting methods, Bay Worms diverts waste from local landfills by converting it into rich soil amendments. Providing compost, worm castings, and worms to residents and businesses, Bay Worms also offers workshops, seminars, and presentations related to soil health and urban gardening.
Plunge into our step-by-step vermiculture models (gloves provided) and check out our castings!

Greywater Guerrillas
Want a bountiful garden irrigated from your greywater? Interested in a toilet that uses no water? Reduce your dependence on the water grid with simple and low-cost rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse, and waterless composting toilets.
Check out our life-size models and put together some demo systems yourself!

Centro Comunitario de Bicicletas
Located in the heart of East Oakland, this new, volunteer-run community bike garage offers Spanish-speaking bike mechanics, a wide array of bike tools, and language exchanges to teach bike vocabulary in Spanish and English to anyone who wants to learn. Come and support ciclismo!
Fix your flat and boost your brakes at our on-site taller de bicicletas! Or, just ride to the event, and use our free valet bike parking.

Green Bike Share is a student-run project that seeks to improve the quality of life at UC Berkeley with a program of increased access to bicycles on and around campus, thus providing a healthy, affordable, and environmentally sustainable mode of transportation. Along with the Student Bicycle Cooperative and Yikes! Bikes!, Green Bike Share is a project of BicyCal.
Learn maintenance tips and safety training while greasing your gears!

Society for Agriculture and Food Ecology
S.A.F.E. is a UC Berkeley student organization that facilitates honest discussion regarding agricultural sustainability, ecological integrity, healthful human nutrition, and vibrant rural economies for the campus and community via panels, speakers, events, and workshops.

The Local
The Local is a UC Berkeley student cooperative organic vegetable and fruit stand open for business every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sproul Plaza in front of the MLK Student Union. At this student-run stand, you can purchase locally grown, sustainable produce at a reasonable price while supporting local small farmers.

One Side Clean
A project of STeam (the Sustainability Team of the ASUC), OSC collects half-unused sheets of paper from campus locations and local businesses and makes a variety of notebooks and school materials to be redistributed to students on campus.