Dear Colleague:

With support from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS), The Pacific Film Archive has begun a three-year project to explore innovative approaches to working with copyrighted materials in the digital environment. The project will address this issue as it pertains to our film document image database CineFiles ( and other imaging initiatives, and we will publish the results of our research at the end of the project. We intend to analyze current practices; obtain consultation regarding legal and technological issues; test various methods; and develop guidelines and best practices to share with others. As a first step, we are surveying the field to better understand the approaches currently in place. We would be grateful if you could assist by responding to this survey. It should take no more than fifteen minutes of your time. Thank you very much for your participation.

Please supply your name, e-mail address, and affiliation:
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I. Type of Organization

   1. Please check the one term which best describes your parent organization
    Academic institution Nonprofit institution For-profit institution
    Government institution Library Museum Historical Society
    Other (please describe):

   2. What function does your department perform within the organization?
    Library Museum Archive Curatorial
    Other (please describe):

   3. What is your role?
    Rights and permissions specialist Librarian
    Project manager Archivist Historian
    Cataloger Administrator
    Other (please describe):

II. Description of collection

    (If you are responsible for multiple imaging projects, please choose one to describe here. Please feel free to fill out additional surveys regarding other projects.)
   1. What type of original materials are you digitizing? (check all that apply)
    Text only documents Documents with both text & images
    Maps Original photographs Art
    Architectural Drawings Moving Images Audio
    Other (please describe):

   2. How many items or objects do you plan to digitize assuming availability
     of funding? (include items you have previously digitized)
    Under 100 items 100 - 1,000 items 1,000 - 50,000 items
    50,000 - 100,000 items Over 100,000 items

   3. Roughly how many individual scanned images will this number
     of items represent?
    Under 100 images 100 - 1,000 images 1,000 - 50,000 images
    50,000 - 100,000 images Over 100,000 images

   4. What % of your collection earmarked for digitization has been
    processed to date?

   5. Are you primarily digitizing ---
    Materials for which your organization holds copyright
    Materials in the public domain
    Materials under the copyright protection of another entity
    Materials of unknown copyright status
    Other (please describe):

   6. How do you provide access to your digital surrogates?
    (check all that apply)
    Database on website associated with your organization
    Database on website associated with another organization
    CD-Rom/other removable media
    Stand-alone computer
    Other (please describe):

   7. Is your collection available to users with Some or no restrictions?
     If all or part of your collection has restrictions, which of the conditions
     below apply:
    Available for internal use only to selected users (staff, students, etc.)
    Available to the general public for on-site use only
    Available over the web to the general public
    Available over the web to selected users (via subscription, password protection, etc.)
    Available on Cd-rom or other removable media for:
      purchase free by request
    Other (please describe):

   8. If you include materials copyrighted by others, how do you
    obtain permissions from copyright holders to digitize and display
    their materials? (check all that apply)
    Request permission from each individual copyright holder to make materials available to the public
    Pay licensing fees to intellectual property owners or their licensing organizations/societies subsidized by paying users/subscribers
    Pay licensing fees to owners; no reimbursement from users
    Negotiate exchanges with copyright owners (trading permission to display materials with advertising rights, for example)
    Negotiate use of technological means, such as password protection, to make materials freely available to restricted audiences,
      With Without paying licensing fees to owners
    Negotiate use of other technological restrictions such as tethering or other time-based access restrictions,
      With Without paying licensing fees to owners
    Other (please describe):

   9. Are you satisfied with the effectiveness/cost efficiency of this process?
    Yes No
    Why or why not?

   10. How do you track the rights permissions process?
    In a database Via paper files

   11. Have you received positive or negative reaction from any
     copyright holders regarding dissemination of materials on your site?
    Positive: Yes No

    Negative: Yes No

   12. What do you feel are the strong and weak areas in your policies
     for working with copyrighted materials?

   13. What types of guidelines or information would be helpful to you in
     your work with copyright-protected material?
    Interpretation of copyright laws & analysis in layman's language
    Comparative chart of national practices
    Lists of resources such as websites and listservs
    Permissions and clearances process/workflow/guidelines
    Digital rights management guidelines
    Digital rights management metadata
    Other (please describe):

   14. Are you responsible for developing your department's copyright clearance
     procedures for your project?
    Yes No

    If you or a colleague at your institution would be willing to be interviewed by phone regarding your institution's procedures, please provide appropriate contact information here:
    e-mail: phone

   If you would be willing to share your digital imaging guidelines,
     especially those dealing with permissions, please e-mail them to or mail them to:

Pacific Film Archive
Attn: Stephanie Boris
2625 Durant Ave. #2250
Berkeley, CA 94720-2250

Thank you very much for your time and collaboration. If you would like to receive a copy of our final report, please append the name and address to which it should be sent: