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In a Different Light


In this group, "family" can be understood in a variety of ways. On the one hand, are works that represent the experience of homosexuality in the nuclear, or biological, family. Other works allude to the groups of friends known among many gay men and lesbians as their "chosen family" (often a crucial substitute for a real family that has disowned them). Finally, we have included under this title works that indicate the larger sense of kinship and belonging that has coalesced around the gay and lesbian communities as a whole.

Charles LeDray
The Men in the Family, 1993
Fabric, leather, brass, buttons
Dimensions variable
Lent by John Parker

David Dashiell
Studies for Queer Mysteries, 1992
Graphite on paper
2 drawings: 31-1/2 x 84 in. each
Gift of the Peter Norton Family Foundation

Carrie Moyer
I Don't Have a Name for This Yet, 1994
Acrylic on paper
15 x 22-1/2 in.
Courtesy of the artist