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Group Material / MATRIX 132

Bibliography & Exhibition History

Works in MATRIX:
1. Robert Beck, Safer Sex Preview Booth, 1989, mixed media, 36" x 48" x 72". Courtesy Simon Watson Gallery, New York.
2. Nayland Blake, Untitled (Future Shock), 1989, mixed media, 7" x 6" x 4 1/2". Private collection, New York.
3. Theresa Bramlette, No Trace: Wishbone, 1989, photo emulsion on painted wood, 5 parts, 9" x 12 3/4" ea. Lent by Mr. Dan Lufkin; Courtesy Althe Viafora Gallery, New York.
4. Steven Evans, Selections from the Disco, Various BPM, 1979-1989, 1989, mixed media, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.
5. Tom of Finland, Use a Rubber, 1987, poster, 11" x 14". Courtesy Feature, New York.
6. Barry Frederick, D Is for Dignity, 1989, mixed media, 25" x 11" x 9 1/2". Lent by the artist.
7. Mike Glier, Key CIA Official, from White Male Power series, 1981, print, 11" x 16 1/2". Private collection,
New York.
8. Keith Haring, Ignorance = Fear, Silence = Death, 1989, poster, 43" x 24". Courtesy ACT UP, New York.
9. Michael Jenkins, June 30, 1986, 1988, acrylic on paper, 9' x 6'. Lent by the artist.
10. Tom Kalin, 1968-1988, 1988, photo and text on adhesive paper, 5" x 21 1/2". Private collection New York.
11. Louise Lawler, Beautiful, 1989, black-and-white photograph with letter press mat, 14" x 11", edition of 10. Courtesy the artist and Metro Pictures, New York.
12. Dorothea Lange, Untitled, from the Internment Camp series, 1942, black-and-white photograph, 8" x 10". Courtesy National Archives 210-GC-160.
13. Rudy Lemcke, Paintings from the Wizard of Oz series, 1989, acrylic, dimensions variable. Courtesy Modernism, San Francisco.
14. Brad Melamed, Black/White, 1988, oil crayon on vellum paper, 17" x 20". Lent by the artist.
15. Duane Michals, The Nature Of Desire, 1986, book, 9 1/4" x 12 1/4", Twelve Trees Press. Private collection, New York.
16. Ann Meredith, Delta and Rachel at Baker Beach, 1987, black-and-white photograph, 16" x 20". Lent by the artist.
17. Donald Moffett, Check Out Your Violence of Opinion, 1988, light box, 25 1/2" x 26" x 4". Courtesy Wessel O'Connor Gallery, New York.
18. Diane Neumaier, Find a Cure, 1989, black-and-white photographs, 16" x 20" ea. Lent by the artist.
19. Members of the Rest Stop and The Center (Eddie Booker, Steve Brown, Richard C., Steve Curd, Tom Devine, Paul Gronberg, Paul Freitres, Ken Huff, J.J., Eric Lewald, Richard McMullen, Ben Medina, Gary Ostrander, Max Proudfoot, Steve Rene, Paul Steindal, David Taylor, Lou Troga, Andy Woodward, Teresa Yee, Jeff, Jim, Kat, Oscar, Terry), masks, 1989, mixed media, dimensions variable. Lent by the artists.
20. Tim Rollins + K.O.S., From the Animal Farm (Jesse Helms), 1987, pencil and acrylic on book pages on lines, 56" x 80". Lent by Ernie and Lynn Mieger.
21. Kay Rosen, Sinking Feeling, 1984, enamel paint on museum board, 2 panels, 17 1/2" x 11 1/4" ea. Courtesy Feature, New York.
22. Erika Rothenberg, Make the World Perfect Miracle Spray, 1987, acrylic on canvas, 60-3/4" x 79". Courtesy P.P.O.W Gallery, New York.
23. Lorna Simpson, Untitled, 1989, black-and-white photograph, 20" x 16". Courtesy Art Against AIDS, New York.
24. Nancy Spero, This Womb Does Not Belong to Lawyers..., 1988, handprinting and typewriter collage on paper, 24" x 19". Lent by the artist.
25. Mitchell Syrop, Insider Trading, 1986, black-and-white photo-mural on gator board, 40" x 26 1/2". Courtesy Lieberman and Saul Gallery, New York.
26. Michael Tidmus, AIDS Stack, 1989, computer program. Lent by the artist.
27. Michael Tidmus, Health and Morality: A Desultory Discourse, 1989, computer program. Lent by the artist.
28. Michael Tidmus, Next, 1989, computer program. Lent by the artist.
29. David Wojnarowicz, Sex Series (one of eight), 1988-89, black-and-white photograph, 18 1/4" x 21 3/4". Courtesy P.P.O.W Gallery, New York.

Videos in MATRIX:
1. April Productions, He Left Me His Strength, 1989, color, 13 min.
2. Patricia Benoit, Se Met Ko, produced by Haitian Women's Health Group, 1989, color, 28 min.
3. Jean Carlomusto, The Helms Amendment, from the Living with AIDS series, produced by GMHC, 1987, color, 8 min.
4. Jean Carlomusto and Maria Maggenti, Doctors, Liars, and Women: AIDS Activists Say Not to Cosmo, from the Living with AIDS series, produced by GMHC, 1988, color, 28 min.
5. DIVA-TV (ACT UP), Target City Hall, 1989, color, 28 min.
6. John Greyson, The World Is Sick (Sic), 1989, color, 38 min.
7. Barbara Hammer, Snow Job, 1986, color, 8 min.
8. Bob Huff, We Are Not Republicans, 1988, color, 14 min.
9. Bob Kinney, Transformer AIDS, produced by Paper Tiger Southwest, 1988, color, 28 min.
10. Latino AIDS Project, Oj Os Que No Ven, 1986, color, 50 min.
11. Arl Spencer Nadel, Golden Gate Bridge Blockade, 1989, color, 6 min.
12. Ray Navaro and Catherine Saalfield, Bleach, Teach, Outreach, from the Living with AIDS series, produced by GHMC, 1988, color, 28 min.
13. Catherine Saalfield and Zoe Leonard, Keep Your Laws Off Our Bodies, 1989, black and white, 14 min.
14. Ellen Spiro, DiAne's Hair Ego: AIDS Info Up Front, 1989, color 26 min.
15. David Weissman, Song from an Angel, 1988, color, 5 min.

Videos in the Recreational Sports Facility:
1. Brooklyn AIDS Task Force, Life/Information/Protection, 1988-89, color, 2 min.
2. John C. Goss, "Out" Takes, 1989, color, 13 min.
3. Bob Huff, We're Desperate, Get Used to It, 1988, color, 3 min.
4. Tom Kalin, They Are Lost to Vision Altogether, 1989, color, 13 min.
5. Testing the Limits Collective, Testing the Limits NYC (Part 2), 1988-89, color, 58 min.
Work in The Daily Californian:
Gran Fury, Untitled, November 10, 1989, graphic design.

Selected group exhibitions:
Group Material, NYC, The People's Choice, '81; Public installation on Union Square, NYC, DA ZI BAOS '82; IRT subway trains of New York City, Subculture '83; P.S.1, NYC, Timeline: A Chronicle of U.S. Intervention in Central and Latin America '84; Temple University Gallery, Philadelphia, Constitution '87 (catalogue); Advertising supplement to The New York Times, NYC, Inserts '88; The Dia Art Foundation, NYC, Democracy '88-89.

Selected group exhibitions:
The Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, Americana, organized for the Whitney Biennial '85; Museum Fridericianum, Kassel, West Germany, The Castle, organized for Documenta 8 '87.

Selected bibliography about the artists (see also catalogues under exhibitions)"
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MATRIX is supported in part by grants from the Paul L. and Phyllis Wattis Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, and Art Matters Inc.

Additional support for this exhibition has been provided in part by The Capp Stree Project, The Daily Californian, Documentations of AIDS Issues and Research Foundation, Inc., Dia Art Foundation, and Daniel and Hilary Goldstine. Special thanks to James Crewe, Michael Flanagan, William Manning, and all the "dazibao" volunteers.