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    Skank Bloc Bologna Number Four

    Programmed by Anne Colvin

    February 19, 2010

    6-7:30 p.m.
    KALX DJ Citizen Zain
    Citizen Zain responds to SBB4 with a mix of skank, opera, and Scritti Politti

    7:30 p.m.
    Skank Bloc Bologna Number Four

    Be prepared for outrageous outtakes, meditative moments, stunning sojourns, raucous rituals, earnest explorations, sonic surprises, and eccentric egos.

    Inspired by Semina, a free-form journal published sporadically by artist Wallace Berman and his circle in California in the 1950s and 1960s, each issue of Anne Colvin’s Skank Bloc Bologna is a looseleaf collection of works from an international cast of artists, writers, and poets. Issues One through Three are available in the BAM/PFA Store. Issue Number Four will be the first time-based and paper issue, drawn from Colvin’s five-evening L@TE residency at BAM (February through June, on the third Friday of each month), and will include ephemera from the performances, spoken word events, screenings, sounds, and conversations.

    The opening night of Skank Bloc Bologna Number Four includes a reenactment of Jack Goldstein’s Two Fencers (1977) by Laura Glass and Keith Tsang, members of the Cal Fencing Club; a screening of Ostia—an apocryphal depiction of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s death starring Derek Jarman—by U.K. filmmaker Julian Cole; OXBOW singer, actor, writer, and performer Eugene Robinson drawing out characters from his new book; and Scritti Politti cover band Greens (with local artists Cliff Hengst, Scott Hewicker, Kota Uetsu, and Karla Milosevich) covering classics such as “Hegemony” and “Jacques Derrida.”

    The next installment of SBB4 will be on Friday, March 19. Guests include Tosh Berman, Jennifer Locke, and Radio Tania.

    Lyrics and Cost Information from Skank Bloc Bologna EP by Scritti Politti (1978)

    Tell her to work at Tescos
    Tell her to stay at school
    Tell her what’s possible—all day derision
    Down at the Bull and Bush
    Hopeless in Harrogate
    Over and above and she hasn’t a clue
    Twenty number six and she hasn’t an answer
    No one wants to listen and there’s no one wants to know
    Someone’s got a question that she doesn’t want to see . . .

    . . . Knocking around at tea time?
    Up in her room, alone
    Something she doesn’t know—the Skank Bloc Bologna
    Keeping us all alive—something in Italy
    Stuck around the home and they haven’t a clue
    Dinner’s at six and it isn’t an answer
    Now, they’ve got a notion and they haven’t got a hope
    Rockers in the town—the magnificent six
    Rockers in the town with an overestimation
    Now they’ve got a notion and they’re working on a hope
    A Euro-ruled vision and a skank in scope.

    <i>Skank Bloc Bologna</i> Scritti Politti EP

    Recording: Space Studios, 19 Victoria Street, Cambridge. £98.00 for 14 hours, master tape included. Mastering: Pye London Studios, 17 Great Cumberland Place, London W1 - IBC (George). Sound Recording Studios, 35 Portland Place, London W1. £40.00 for cutting of lacquer from master tape. Pressing: PYE Records (Sales) Ltd. Western Road, Mitcham, Surrey. £369.36 for 2,500 copies at 13p, £27.00 for processing (electro plating of lacquer). Labels: E.G. Rubber Stamps, 28 Bridge Street, Hitchin, Herts. £8.00 for rubber stamp on white labels (labels included in cost of pressing.)

    About the Programmer
    Anne Colvin is a Scottish artist based in San Francisco. She creates experiences that draw on sources such as literature, music, and film. Her video and photo-based work and hybrid curatorial projects explore psychological investigations in time and the deconstruction/destruction of the image.

    Colvin’s work has been shown nationally and internationally, at venues including Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York; Matt’s Gallery, London; Laguna Art Museum, California; Post, Los Angeles; Lowsalt, Glasgow; and New Langton Arts and David Cunningham Projects, San Francisco. Colvin also ran the project space TART, which was recently invited to participate in No Soul for Sale, a festival of independents at X-Initiative, New York; Colvin is also a participant in a No Soul for Sale book from Charley magazine. Upcoming shows include Long Play: Bruce Conner and the Singles Collection at SFMOMA; and Chain Reaction 11 at SFAC Gallery, San Francisco.

    A special thank-you to Larry Rinder. Appreciate your help and support, Sherry Goodman, Sean Carson, Ariane Bicho, and Peter Cavagnaro. A big hug to all the artists and an additional thanks to Neil Mackintosh and Isaac Julien.

    About L@TE
    The BAM galleries are open until 9 p.m. on most Fridays, with drinks and DJs in the lobby starting at 6 p.m., and an array of performances and other programs in Gallery B. For information on upcoming events and to buy advance tickets, visit bampfa.berkeley.edu/late.

    Check out the February 2010 L@TE collectible poster, designed by local artist Kellie McCool, available in the Museum Store.

    L@TE is made possible in part by Bank of America, the Tin Man Fund, and the continued support of the BAM/PFA Trustees. Special thanks to our media sponsors, East Bay Express and San Francisco Bay Guardian.

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